Book: Impeccable Leadership
'An inspiring and practical approach to leadership development'

“Impeccable Leadership is a profoundly human interpretation of leadership. It sets a process of progressive insight in motion with measurable and tangible results” 
Marc Lauwers, CEO Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep N.V.


Impeccable Leadership is appropriate for modern times, which call for a form of leadership based on connection, creativity and commitment. This practical approach provides leaders with concrete tools that give them insight into what they need to take their teams further in development and performance. Impeccable Leadership offers a step-by-step process for achieving aspirations.

The guiding question is: how do you create collaboration in which the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts? With Impeccable Leadership’s method, you can learn to effortlessly switch roles, allowing you to deal with any challenge.

As an Impeccable Leader, you make work inspiring and enjoyable, which allows you to guide teams in the development process towards results in the best possible way. For you, intrinsic motivation is the source of success. Putting employees first leads to dream results.

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About the authors

Frits Wilmsen

Is partner at Frits Philips jr. & Partners. Frits believes in the inexhaustible power of human consciousness. According to his vision, we need to develop this consciousness to contribute to people’s happiness, the success of organizations, and a better world in general. He developed the theory behind Impeccable Leadership (ILS) and is the founder of the approach. As an international executive coach, trainer, speaker and consultant, his mission is to use ILS to transform the work of leaders.

Nienke Schaeffer

Is a leadership coach working with Frits Philips Jr & Partners and is committed to happy people and successful businesses in a healthy world. Nienke believes in combining clear, practical models, consciousness development and emotional intelligence. As a business and transformation psychologist, she has coached hundreds of people in their business lives. Since her introduction to ILS in 2009, she has been successfully putting it into practice for the sustainable development of leaders, teams and organizations.